Organizational Behaviour is important for viability, profitability and contributes significantly to an organization’s most precious asset, reputation. In today’s management stakeholder pressure, but also increasingly legal requirements govern what an organization can do and how it can operate. Products and services face many challenges, which are not just restricted to, e.g., environmental care, but also to meet wider societal expectations.

Eventually, organizational behavior is about morals and ethics. Without these, sustainability in management is merely possible. For a manager business ethics unfurls in two dimensions: Firstly, it is about his/her own ethical and moral approach within the management of an organization and secondly, business ethics should be an essential part of his/her actions with regards to external societal impacts of the organization as such.

This module covers a range of models and theories, which are explaining more than morals and ethics in business activities. Organizational behavior and corporate social responsibility are highly practical. They have much influence on an organization’s competitiveness and the market acceptance of its products.